Complete Automation Package

Everything you need to implement a continuous automation framework - Robotic Process Automation, Reporting Automation, Cognitive Robots & analytics. Automate any task manually performed on a computer, rule based or non rule based. Watch our self learning robots learn from you and make cognitive decisions with ease.

With specialised modules for reporting automation, do not just automate reports, ensure relevance, decommission unused reports and enhance customer experience with self service.

Lot more than simple Robotic Automation

software automate task

A software Robot to automate any task.

Jiffy core module can automate any task across both web and desktop applications or mainframes. Our integration nodes allows you to go beyond an as-is automation and enables you to build robust integrations through API interfaces.

Data platform report


Module specifically build for reporting automation. Read data from any source, databases, web portals, desktop applications, log files. Automate the actions to be executed on excel or provide a even better solution using our built in data mashup generators and self service and visualisation layer.

Work force analytics


Our cognitive robots are self learning bots. The bots learn in the background and deploys a wide range of machine learning algorithms to auto rectify data input errors and automate even non rule based process and make cognitive decisions.


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Key Features Comprehensive product suite for any type of automation

Automate Everything

Drag and Drop and automate anything that is being done on a computer

Jiffy data interface

Single channel interface replacing diverse excel template based inputs.

Execution Without desktop Installation

You need not install Jiffy on your desktop for all automations

Simple Infrastructure

No need of a bot farm or any complex infrastructure

Mobile ready

Run and execute the tasks from your mobile

Schedule and execute tasks

Run tasks overnight or at specific periods.

360 Degree view of work force

Understand which process to automate to drive benefits

Self service capability

Decommission redundant processes and delight customers with our self service capability

Complete security control

Who can automate, modify bots, execute and against which environments.

Jiffy - Next Generation Application

Jiffy is new, a little more than 2 years old. That allows us to do a lot more than what a traditional desktop installed RPA application can. We bring you the benefits of significant changes the browsers and web technology has undergone in the last 4 years. This enables Jiffy to bring in usability beyond what could be delivered on desktop based applications. Our user interface and next generation UI should enable users to get started even without any formal training.

Jiffy is used across multiple fortune 500 companies across the globe and has been delivering automation to a range of 70-80%.


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